Advertisers Working With Trivia Happy

Reach people who want to discover

Trivia Happy is a growing community of readers who are educated, curious, and excited about learning amazing things. That presents an opportunity for your brand to be one of the amazing things our users discover.

A Site for Curious People

Trivia Happy features more than 800 questions about everything from business, to history, to sports. Our content is unique, viral, and engaging. Users are already active on our site every time they answer a question, and that continues when they share the fact they’ve just learned.

Our editorial team works to create unique content with a focus on quality. Users find facts instead of filler, and that keeps them coming back. We present a safe environment for users and brands to discover new things. That’s why we call our site a place where knowledge plays.

Many ways to connect

We offer a wide variety of opportunities for your brand to become a part of our site. From banner ads, to sponsorships, to truly deep integration, we can help you become a part of our user’s discovery. Whether it’s on site or through our social presences, we’ll help you reach curious and creative people who love to learn new things.

We believe that great ads can benefit both users and brands. For example, Wall Drug, the brand featured in the picture above, survived only because Ted Hustead offered free ice water to anyone who came to his store. That advertising gave weary travelers something they already wanted. We hope to offer a digital version of the same service.

If you think our users would love to learn about your brand, let us know.