Fast Food Geography: Discover Madagascar through Culina IFC

Africa’s fascinating island nation has some great chicken. Learn a few facts about Madagascar by visiting Culina IFC. The restaurant is like a KFC (with a few twists).

Madagascar’s languages are Malagasy and French

You’ll be ordering in either Malagasy or French, though Culina IFC’s commercials are usually in French.

The French, of course, is yet another legacy of European colonialism in Africa, since France possessed Madagascar from the 1890s until 1960.

The ariary is Madagascar’s currency

Want a chicken box? You’ll pay using the ariary.

500 Ariary are about $.19 USD. To some degree, prices are a reflection of Madagascar’s per capita GDP of $420. 5,500 Ar are about $2.04 USD.

Madagascar is a poor country

Madagascar is a relatively poor country, as reflected in its ranking in the human development index. That’s evidenced both by the absence of larger fast food chains and by the location of Culina IFC: it’s near the airport, where there’s easy access for tourists and other wealthier consumers.


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